We Are Here To Stay

Oct 3, 2013Commitment, Events, Momentum, Stability

Here to Stay is the theme of our upcoming Fall Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida—just two weeks away. There are a lot of reasons to recognize that Juice Plus+ is more than just a passing fad.  Just think of all the “health” products and start-up businesses that have come and gone over the last twenty years.

Isn’t it wonderful to say with confidence that Juice Plus+ is here to stay?

For starters, there’s twenty years of clinical experience—hundreds of thousands of people who know that Juice Plus+ has personally and profoundly affected their own health and the lives of their friends and family.

In addition, we have 31 published studies from the most prestigious research centers, hospitals and universities around the world—studies which unequivocally demonstrate that this nutrient dense food in a capsule called Juice Plus+ is doing for us exactly what our Creator intended—to protect, to restore, to rebuild and to strengthen our bodies.

Juice Plus+ is here. The wait is over. And, Juice Plus+ is here to stay—this unique product, along with our stable and lasting company, is not going anywhere. Think about that for a while.

Here’s the big question for all of us today:

Are we here to stay?

Coming out of the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, it’s easy for us to forget what we have—to take Juice Plus+ for granted. Whenever we take anything for granted, we diminish its value and real significance in our lives. It is human nature to fog over with frenetic activity and the insane pressures of life. Our top priorities and personal passions get squeezed out and we forget why we ever made the decision to let Juice Plus+ be the vehicle to help us achieve our dreams and goals.

There’s an awful lot at stake if we decide to not stay. We’d best take some time to pause, reflect and re-commit ourselves to that simple, core vision of our futures that first attracted us into this culture of encouragement and living our lives on purpose.

What happens if we don’t stay?

What happens if we decide that it’s not worth the effort, that it’s not worth the hassles and staying with the people who disappoint us?

If we don’t stay, what happens to our families and the commitments we’ve made to change the trajectory of our children’s and grandchildren’s health and longevity?

If we don’t stay, what happens to our teams, to the reps who accepted our invitation to partner with us, to make a difference and touch people’s lives?

If we don’t stay, what happens to our customers who finally accepted our offer and bought into the concept that food is really our best medicine?

Sally and I were just beginning to date when Juice Plus+ was introduced twenty years ago.  Since 1993, five of our six adult children got married. At last count, we have had 15 grandchildren. And, we’ve watched our lives, our marriage and our friendships deepen along the way. We’ve watched our Juice Plus+ team grow and our debt disappear.

Yes, we have grown and developed as people. Yes, we have made wise decisions with our time and money. But, the primary vehicle, the ultimate delivery system that made it all possible was Juice Plus+.

And that vehicle is here to stay.

Over the last few weeks while traveling, sitting in airports and drinking coffee on our porch, Sally and I have had some long and thoughtful conversations about our future, about this business, about our priorities, and all the things that will occupy our time, energy and attention.

We have decided to stay focused, intentional and productive—to keep building, to stay involved attracting new team members, to continue sharing our story.

Like Juice Plus+, we are here to stay. I’m guessing that most of us are here to stay.

So, let’s stay real, stay honest, stay focused and persistent in building a business that will reshape our futures.

Let’s stay humble and grateful for the amazing gift we have received in Juice Plus+.

Let’s stay teachable and open, and remain lifelong students of personal growth, while continually giving ourselves to a larger purpose and cultivating the heart of a servant.

Let’s stay grounded in our faith—aware of our fundamental goodness and worth and value as a person, not because we get it right even part of the time, or always achieve our goals or never screw up, but because we are loved and accepted as we are, not for who we think we should be by now.

And, finally, let’s stay centered on the basics: cultivating simple conversations with men and women every day, gifting folks with the stories that give them hope, showing others how to dream, setting personal goals and becoming an authentic example of the many possibilities Juice Plus+ and our business offer to people.

Juice Plus+ is here to stay.

If any of you happen to see me in Orlando in a couple of weeks, please don’t hesitate to walk up to me, introduce yourself and tell me with confidence, “I’m here to stay.”