The Power of Five

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5_year_anniversary35x48-450x380 The Power of 5 is a concept I’ve been presenting for many years—probably the most requested talk I’ve ever given.

The Power of 5 is also a concept I’ve been pursuing for 25 years.

So how does it work out for someone who starts his business with a lot of reluctance and uncertainty?  How does someone so self-conscious, someone way too cool to do a business like this—how does someone like that find himself today so satisfied and grateful to be in the Juice Plus+ business?

I’m very happy to announce that the answer is not complicated at all.

I had some wonderful cheerleaders. We call them sponsors. They function more like coaches. We need folks who will coach and teach and encourage us. I had two people filling that role.

Curt and Jackie Beavers believed in me and expected me to be successful. They led by example. In those 25 years, I’ve never been able to out-give, out-work or out-serve either of them. They were always setting the pace. They set the bar incredibly high, and then, they invited me to come along with them. I’m so glad that I did.

They focused fiercely on just a few basic things.

The Power of Five is the most important business principle they ever taught me, a simple concept that has helped me and hundreds of others build a truly great organization of lasting leaders and consistent residual income. Here is what they taught me:

Find 5 good people.

Develop 5 strong legs

Build 5 strong teams.

Invest in 5 faithful and focused people.

It’s difficult for people just getting started to appreciate and understand The Power of 5. Today, I get it. I see the wisdom and enjoy the results that have come from building into 5 Good People.

When I refer to 5 Good People, I’m also referring to our business from a structural perspective.

Many who reach the level of National Marketing Director have not yet discovered The Five they will need for the long haul. Or, they may reach National Marketing Director with 3 or 4 very good leaders on their team—but they are all in one line, all in one strong leg of a brand new NMD organization.

We walk the stage at Conference. We tell our stories and thank those on our team for their support and sacrifice. It’s the day we’ve long awaited. But in the real world, we have only just begun. We have just finished the first phase on our journey to finding and nurturing those 5 Stable Legs.

What we all want is a business that’s stable—a business that is going to last for a long time. Reaching a certain position, achieving a special title from the company—that’s a good indicator of our short-term personal success, our individual effort and our willingness to work.

But, the key to creating lasting results is building at least 5 Strong Legs in our organization, nurturing and leading 5 Teams packed with passionate, proactive distributors, strong qualifying businesses—people committed to personal growth and learning how to lead their own teams.

Finding those Five Amazing Team Members will take more patience and more persistence than we could ever imagine.

Cultivating the right people will take time. It won’t happen in the first year. But, the more people we invite to look at Juice Plus+, to consider joining our team…the more quickly we will move toward finding those Five Exceptional Leaders.

Many of us quit before developing The Five. We may reach a top leadership position—the 12 Club or the 24 Club or even the 39 Club. But along the way we get complacent and abandon this Core Vision of developing Five Strong Legs. We stop looking.

More often, some of us get sidetracked with pre-mature excitement. We believe we’ve found the next Wendy Campbell because our new recruit Fast Tracked to VF in four days.

It’s still too early to tell what will happen. Our mission is simple: Teach, train and duplicate. Wait and see.

Some of our new people go up like a rocket and come down like a rock. Others can only “see” starting with the Family Plan, but later turn into goal-oriented people magnets who end up in the 100 Club. There is no way for us to know in the early stages.

Finding good people and watching them blossom never happens in the short run. There is no Fast Track to mature, dependable leadership on our teams. So be patient and be persistent.

But, when we find Our Five, the possibilities for us from a financial perspective are truly incredible

We have created a simple way of teaching and explaining the income potential from the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise.

When we build a solid personal business, a Qualifying Business, we can earn up to $500 a month. $6,000 in residual income per year.

If we will teach three people to duplicate what we have done—build a Qualifying Business—we can earn more than $1,000 a month. We call this the 3 Club and that will create up to $15,000 a year in residual income.

If we teach our 3 Club to duplicate and then help each build his own 3 Club, we’ll be leading a team of 12 Qualifying Businesses—A 12 Club—and earning $40,000 a year in residual income.

Duplicate that team one more time and we have worked our way into the elite 39 Club and will start earning about $75,000 a year.

In a nutshell, we build 3 wide and duplicate for three levels.

That’s how we teach the income potential for the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise. But this overview is just a teaching tool.

It is not our long-term objective.

If we find three motivated people and duplicate three generations down, we end up with a 39 Club. Nothing wrong with that.

But what happens if we start by building Five Wide and duplicating down three generations. Five who develop five who build into five.

We end up with 155 Qualifying Businesses and an income approaching $25,000 a month. Nothing wrong with that.

We go from 3 wide to 5 wide.

By building 40% wider—by going from 3 to 5 wide—we actually increase the income potential by almost 400%.

That’s a business built to last—that’s The Power of 5.

Let’s dream a little. What would it mean for someone reading this blog to become a National Marketing Director? NMD is the Real Deal. We’ve all paid our $50. We might as well go for it.

Everything is harder when we start something new. In many ways, the Juice Plus+ business is a completely different world, and that means stumbling forward, staying hungry, humble and teachable. It means that there will be a lot of days we work without a perfect sense of confidence and certainty. That’s why we need a clear vision of where we are going.

The Power of 5 is primarily about getting our head on straight, thinking correctly about the business and developing a good strategy to follow—for seeing what’s really possible. Not just in the first 60 days, but for the long haul.

Here’s a simple 3-step scenario in building a business based on The Power of 5.

  1. Make a 5-year Commitment to building a solid business.
  2. Build 5 Strong Legs with real people pursuing the business with us.
  3. Create a stable and lasting 5-figure a month income for our families.

That’s The Power of 5.

Like Curt and Jackie did for me, I have set the bar high for us. I am now inviting everyone to come along—to look for and pour into those Five Faithful Friends who will join us building a truly great Juice Plus+ organization.

David has recently recorded a 20-minute presentation of The Power of 5. To listen, click here.


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