Rule of Three

Aug 21, 2013Events, Follow Up, Habits of Success, Stories

Do the best things in life come in 3’s? Looks like it. Do any of us remember ever going to a two-ring circus or watching re-runs of the Six Stooges? In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue with a small fleet of three ships—the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.  Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address ends in that famous line…”of the people, by the people and for the people.” Statistics show that the minimum number of Oreos eaten in one sitting is three. My favorite sandwich is still a BLT.

My background in the ministry reminds me that humans consist of body, mind and spirit. Benedictions and prayers are often given in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul wrote, “Three things remain—faith, hope and love…”

The rule of three suggests that when things come in threes, they are inherently funnier, more memorable, or more effective than any number of things.

I have learned to focus on three critical habits in our Juice Plus+ business. They are so basic, so fundamentally sound. Master these and we’ll be on our way to reaching our goals and achieving our dreams. More importantly, teach them to others and our teams will grow exponentially. They are magic because they can multiply our efforts.

When I am stuck or frustrated or disappointed with “things” in my business, I can usually find the culprit in my neglecting or avoiding one of The Big Three.

Number 1: Speak Up

Learn to connect with people—with stories, good listening skills, genuine conversations, great questions and a personal invitation. Nothing happens until we Speak Up. Technology can get us connected to others, can “set up” the appointment, can convey the evidence and science behind Juice Plus+, but at some point, our own voices must be heard in a personal conversation with another person. That’s where the Real Connection occurs.

Often I look at my teams’ Preferred Customer genealogies. Perusing those pages, I see the name of someone I don’t know—a VF in a small town in Texas—but she has 11 Juice Plus+ customers. She had the courage to Speak Up, and now those 11 families are reaping the benefits of improved health. Another person I notice has 22 customers. She’s not one of my leaders, not a “super-star”, but she figured out her story and learned to Speak Up. I recognize a medical doctor—someone who puts his personal and professional credibility on the line every time he chooses to Speak Up. He has 68 patients taking Juice Plus+ every single day.

I am literally overwhelmed with emotion when I see the thousands of names of customers appearing on this report because people on my team cared enough to Speak Up.

Number 2: Follow Up

Follow up is follow through. Follow up is living up to our promises to “get back” with more information, to explain “the next step.” Effective follow up is a real art form. But follow up is also a skill we can learn and get really good at. In fact, we must.

Follow up is the glue that holds together the entire process of building a base of customers, building a team of qualifiers, building a confident group of leaders. Remember, it’s a “series of educational exposures” we are responsible for opening up to our prospects, customers and friends. Effective and consistent follow up undergirds the retention of our customers and the continuous stream of raving fans who eventually become our most passionate team members.

Number 3: Show Up

In the first five years of my business, I sputtered and started over and over. I never experienced the Big Mo (Momentum) needed to take my team to the next level. My approach was totally self-referential. I made it about me and my efforts to teach, explain, coach, impart vision, paint the big picture, inspire, cultivate dreams. There was no lack of sincerity and hard work on my part. It just didn’t work. What works best is showing up at events and taking people with me.

We don’t have to attend and promote events. It’s not required. But we lose the right to moan and complain about our teams if we never develop the consistent activity of promoting and attending events. That’s where the momentum is, that’s where the money is. Please, don’t take five years to figure this out. Here’s how it works:

If we will share Juice Plus+ with our family and friends, we can make some nice, part-time income.If we will build a nucleus of committed people, we can make a better-than-average income.BUT, if we will consistently Show Up—if we will learn to attend and promote events—we will make a fortune.

Our business is so simple. But it’s not that easy. We are first and foremost students. We’ve got to learn these basic three skills. We can do this. We can commit ourselves to getting truly effective at The Big Three. We have the capacity to get good at meaningful conversations, next-step thinking and promoting events.

This business will work for us if we will work and pursue these three indispensable habits. So, let’s do it. Let’s learn to Speak Up, Follow Up and Show Up.