imagesSally and I spent the week after Christmas at the beach, where it rained and the temperatures plunged into the 20’s.

So we drove back to Nashville two days early, and I arrived home with a horrible cold. It completely shut me down, put me in the bed for two days and left me wandering through the house, weak as a kitten, eyes watering, coughing and sputtering like I was a 90 year-old man who’d forgotten to take his Juice Plus+ for a decade. I canceled all personal appearances at Inspiring Healthy Living presentations.

On top of that, I didn’t shave for three days, and kept losing my phone and keys and wallet. But, I’m not too concerned. I’ve been doing that since I was 30. Some things will probably never change.

But some things—at least in my life—need to change. That’s what the New Year evokes in me—another chance to change. Another season to look at a fresh start.

Charles Swindoll’s words always encourage me: “It’s never too late for me to become the person I was created to be.”

We spend and spin our whole lives, it seems, trying to be who or what others want us to be, when our greatest test, our biggest challenge, our highest calling is to simply be who we are. Very few people get that until they pass the midway mark of their lives. Maybe never.

Our first instinct, however, is rarely about any change that starts with us. Our knee-jerk reaction is to fix or change something outside ourselves to make things better. We hear a powerful, practical training at a boot camp, and we think, “Oh my gosh, Mary should have heard this. She’s terrible at follow-up and promoting events.”

We know better. So, I will cut to the chase and minimize that painful, yet wonderful reality uttered by the late Jim Rohn:

“For things to change, I have to change.”

And, he went on to say, “For things to get better, I have to get better.”

Mahatma Gandhi was a man that the world—including the world of Juice Plus+ distributors—could learn a great deal from. He revolutionized India with his leadership of the Indian Independence Movement, where he perfected the philosophy of non-violent resistance. He met the injustice and oppression of his day with peace, integrity and resolve.

Gandhi famously said, “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”

Allow me to drop the significance of his words into our efforts at building a stable business and inspiring healthy living around the world.

We must become the change we wish to see in our Juice Plus+ organization.

“And, when I change,” Jim Rohn said, “everything around me starts to change.”

I could pick up the phone right now and call any 100 Club Member, and ask a few simple questions: “What did you do to take your business to this incredibly high level? How do you motivate your team to step up and take responsibility for building their business?”

But I don’t need to call any of them. I know their answers: When I got better at promoting events, my leadership caught on. When I finally got consistent at inviting people to join my team, every body started sharing the business more consistently.

Here’s the  most interesting thing. When we consistently lead by example, we don’t even have to announce it. People will know. I don’t know how. They just do.

I guess it’s because the heart and core of our business cannot be taught. It can only be caught. Leading by example is contagious. If we want others to bleed, we must be willing to hemorrhage.

I truly love teaching and speaking. But people don’t care what I say. They want to know what I’m doing. There’s no other way. The change I want on my team begins with me and the leaders around me.

For me to meet  and challenge any indifference on my team, I must re-examine my own commitment to excellence, clarity of vision and passion for personal growth. The most effective way for us to elevate the customer care on our teams is to engage in more focused, consistent follow-up ourselves. A good way to help people fall in love with what they do is for us to openly share with others all the reasons we love our business.

For things to change, we have to change, and that kind of change is without question the best place for us to jump start a complete transformation of our business. By rekindling our passion for Juice Plus+, by getting better at customer care, by telling the people around us why we love this business and how it’s changing our lives and and the people around us.

If Swindoll, Gandhi and Rohn are right—that we must become the change we want to see on our Juice Plus+ teams—then we have a realistic hope and an awesome chance at re-shaping our lives and our futures.

Happy New Year.


  1. Catheryn M. Martin

    Thank you so much for these messages I just finished reading. What an inspiration for me to move forward with purpose and build my business and support my team.
    I have been on Juice Plus over 20 years and love sharing.

    I heard you tonight also on the Cortese Call and now I am going to do the business with passion and new found knowledge because I know what it has done for me and my family and team members

    • David Beavers

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you’ve been encouraged. Have a wonderful NEW YEAR.



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