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Letters to Jonathan

The Story of a Life Rewritten

JONATHAN GOODSON HAD IT ALL: beautiful wife, wonderful children, elegant home, successful career. Then came his confession of an affair with a younger married woman that cost him everything. Homeless, deserted, his life in ruins, Jonathan was ready to end it all when he was rescued from the darkness by the unconditional love of his Uncle Saul. Saul’s letters had once been guideposts to Jonathan as a star athlete, seminary standout and promising young pastor. Now, combining biblical scholarship and unflinching horse sense, Saul’s letters to Jonathan once more bring hope and wisdom into his life. Letters to Jonathan is the story of a life rewritten. Its honesty will shock you. Its message will transform you.

…a rare wonder

…compelling and graceful

…raw and provocative

What Readers Are Saying About Letters to Jonathan

My friend David has creatively communicated in Letters to Jonathan a truth I discovered years ago: We grow spiritually much more by doing it wrong than by doing it right. Richard Rohr

Franciscan Priest and Author of The Naked Now, Everything Belongs and Falling Upward

Letters to Jonathan leads readers on a provocative, heartbreaking, suspenseful and ultimately redemptive journey through the human soul. It’s profound theology rewritten with a silken thread. Marnie C. Ferree, MA, LMFT

Author of No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction and Director, Bethesda Workshops, Nashville, Tennessee

Here is a great story about a dynamic man who sabotages his own success and breaks the hearts of his family and friends. The engaging entertainment of the characters and their interesting lives feels like a porch rocker on a sunny afternoon, continually refreshed by thunderstorms of inspiring insights. Dr. Paul F. Schmidt

Psychologist, Life Coach and Author of Growing Your Love Life, Shelbyville, Kentucky

Letters to Jonathan poignantly captures the human drama of success, suffering, fall, and redemption. Spiritual nuggets of gold are to be found throughout this saga. Father Joseph McMahon

Pastor, Holy Family Catholic Church, Brentwood, Tennessee

David Beavers has done us the service of doing what a writer must first do: tell the truth, honestly facing the pain, the questions, and the quandaries of brokenness, and the path forward to a new sort of life and freedom.” Dr. Lee C. Camp

Professor of Theology & Ethics, Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee

Letters to Jonathan is not about one man’s failure, addiction, or recovery. Rather it is a book about us all, for we are all fragile, fractured, and in need of love and God’s grace. Ronnie McBrayer

Speaker, Columnist, and Author of Leaving Religion, Following Jesus, and The Jesus Tribe, Freeport, Florida

Letters to Jonathan is a journey into the lives of people who have grown through and beyond life’s pain, suffering, and disappointments. David Beavers’ book serves as a course in personal growth and wisdom for life, cleverly disguised as a novel. Amazing. Jan Roberto, M.D.

Springfield, Ohio

Beavers’ prose is crisp and clean, and shimmers with a kind of emotional transparency often lacking in works from our so-called age of self-disclosure. James E. Robinson

Author of The Flower of Grass: A Novel, and Prodigal Song: A Memoir, Franklin, Tennessee

This is bold writing and holds nothing back. Don’t be offended by its power or coarseness. It is undeniably real life. Carter Crenshaw

Senior Pastor, West End Community Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Letters to Jonathan is a powerful and well-written book dealing with a fallen man before a loving God. It is insightful, compelling, challenging, heart breaking, but most of all, as true to the realities of life as one can find in any literary medium. Through the story of Jonathan and the letters of Saul, Beavers takes us through the highs and lows of the human condition. In the end, we join the psalmist and declare, ‘He restores my soul!’” Allen B. Kaiser, M.D.

Physician and Medical Center Executive, Nashville, Tennessee

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