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Letters to Jonathan

The Story of a Life Rewritten

Jonathan Goodson had it all... A beautiful wife, wonderful children, elegant home, successful career.

Then came his confession of an affair with a younger married woman that cost him everything. Homeless, deserted, his life in ruins, Jonathan was ready to end it all when he was rescued from the darkness by the unconditional love of his Uncle Saul.

Saul’s letters had once been guideposts to Jonathan as a star athlete, seminary standout and promising young pastor. Now, combining biblical scholarship and unflinching horse sense, Saul’s letters to Jonathan once more bring hope and wisdom into his life. Letters to Jonathan is the story of a life rewritten. Its honesty will shock you. Its message will transform you.

About David

David grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where he was born in 1947. He attended Dykes High School, and then went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1969 with a major in History. He also graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and did post-graduate studies at Columbia Theological Seminary.

David has been with The Juice Plus+ Company since 1988. David is a National Marketing Director, a member of the 100 Club, and, with his family, was chosen to be the recipient of the 2002 Founders Award. 

David and Sally have been married since 1996, and they have six grown children and nineteen grandchildren. Sally taught the third grade at the Oak Hill School in Nashville, for 17 years, before retiring in 2002.

David enjoys coaching and mentoring people in their personal development. In 2011, David published his first book, Letters to Jonathan.

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